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Ch 6.1Β­6.5 Study Guide + answers.notebook 9 January 27, 2012. 2. a parallelogram. Find the value ofthe variables in the parallelogram 3. 1200 100, 100, 4. Geometry Ch 6.1 6.5 Study Guide Explain why the figure shown does not the definition of a polygon. Sketch, if possible, a quadrilateral that has two consecutive angles congruent and that is not


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completed Study Guide and Intervention Workbook can help you in reviewing for quizzes and tests. To the Teacher These worksheets are the same ones found in the Chapter Resource Masters for Glencoe Geometry. The answers to these worksheets are available at the end of each Chapter Resource Masters booklet as well ... 6-5 Rhombi and Squares ...


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Study Guide and Intervention Solving Open Sentences Involving Absolute Value NAME _____DATE _____PERIOD _____ 6-5 Β©Glencoe/McGraw-Hill 367 Glencoe Algebra 1 Lesson 6-5 Absolute Value Equations When solving equations that involve absolute value, there are two cases to consider.



6-5 Study Guide and Intervention (continued) Rhombi and Squares Conditions for Rhombi and Squares The theorems below can help you prove that a parallelogram is a rectangle, rhombus, or square. 04- If the diagonals of a parallelogram are perpendicular',then the parallelogram IS a rhombus.


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Study Guide and Intervention (continued) Solving Compound and Absolute Value Inequalities 1-6 Absolute Value Inequalities Use the definition of absolute value to rewrite an absolute value inequality as a compound inequality. ... {k k < -6.5 or k > 6.5}


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2 50 4 500 6 125 22 52 2 4 10 5 6 52 5 Factor using squares. 2 5 2 4 10 5 6 5 5 Simplify square roots. 10 2 40 5 30 5 Multiply. 10 2 10 5 Combine like radicals. Study Guide and Intervention (continued) Radical Expressions NAME _____ DATE _____ PERIOD _____ 5-65-6 ExampleExample11


NAME DATE PERIOD 6-6 Study Guide and Intervention

Study Guide and Intervention Systems of Inequalities Systems of Inequalities The solution of a system of inequalities is the set of all ordered pairs that satisfy both inequalities. If you graph the inequalities in the same coordinate plane, the solution is the region where the graphs overlap. Solve the system of inequalities by graphing. y > x + 2


NAME DATE PERIOD 5-5 Study Guide and Intervention

Study Guide and Intervention (continued) Solving Polynomial Equations Example 2 5-5


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6-5 Study Guide and Intervention Operations with Radical Expressions Simplify Radicals Product Property of Radicals For any real numbers a and b, and any integer n > 1: 1. if n is even and a and b are both nonnegative, then βˆšπ‘›βˆš = 𝑛 β‹… π‘›βˆš . 2. if n is odd, then π‘›βˆš √= 𝑛 β‹… π‘›βˆš .


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5-5 Study Guide and Intervention (continued) The Triangle Inequality " $ % # &, 1-. 5