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Chinese imperial examinations were a civil service examination system in Imperial China to select candidates for the state bureaucracy.Although there were imperial exams as early as the Han dynasty, the system became widely utilized as the major path to office only in the mid-Tang dynasty, and remained so until its abolition in 1905.Since the exams were based on knowledge of the classics and ...


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Instructions for UPSC CSE Preliminary Exam 2018 – General Studies Paper 1. This test booklet contains 100 questions. All items carry equal marks (2 marks). -0.666 will be deducted for each wrong answer (negative marking).


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Now this exam has DELEGATION AND PRIORITIZATION throughout the entire exam. [ CLICK HERE] for sample Now includes the entire INFECTION CONTROL Seminar quiz [ CLICK HERE] for sample Now includes CHART EXHIBITS, HOT SPOT, FILL IN THE BLANK AND SATA QUESTIONS as described in my youtube video [ HOW TO ANSWER ALTERNATE FORMAT QUESTIONS]


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Course materials, exam information, and professional development opportunities for AP teachers and coordinators.


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"In War, In Peace We are Everywhere for our Country". That’s a motto of the Army but of what country? An army is a fighting force that fights primarily on land. In the wide-ranging sense, it is the land-based military branch, service branch or armed service of a state. Only those chosen few can ...


A note on UPSC civil services Prelims – 2018 and How ...

UPSC is a constitutional body that has to adhere to its standards of testing candidates. This year’s paper, like every year’s, would have come as an unpleasant surprise to many of you. For others, who are more used to this predictable unpredictability, it would have been just another year! UPSC ...


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Working in Antarctica. Imagine if going to work meant that you had to travel thousands of miles to get to your office, brave ice and freezing temperatures, and explore places no one has ever been.


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Kwesi Atta Sakyi, Zambia centre for accountancy studies, Academic Degrees Department, Post-Doc. Studies Sustainable Development, International Development, and Development Studies. A multidisciplinary trained person with vast interests in many