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LTO Welcome to LTO Exam Reviewer. Pass the LTO Exam without fixers. Be familiar in the Philippine road rules and signs. Here, you can review or take the actual exam in Tagalog or English.


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The most effective LTO exam reviewer. To get your driver's license here in the Philippines you'll need to pass the LTO driver's license written examination. Here you'll find the most comprehensive reviewer containing questions with answers to help you pass the LTO written exam and prepare you for driving on Philippine roads.


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This LTO exam reviewer is suited for non-Filipinos to pass the actual LTO exam. This is also available for Filipinos who needs an English reviewer. Test Reviewer: English Test 1. This is the first part LTO exam reviewer you can take from this site in English version. It compose of 10 items to review and pass the actual LTO exam.


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LTO DRIVER'S EXAMINATION REVIEWER 1. Habang nagmamaneho, dapat kang tumingin sa "side and rear view mirror" ng: a. Mabilis / madalian b. Hanggang gusto mo c. Hindi kukulangin sa minute 2.


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FREE LTO WRITTEN EXAM ONLINE REVIEWER. Habang nagmamaneho, dapat kang ...


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LTO Exam Reviewer With Answers – When applying for a driver’s license at the Land Transportation Office (), applicants will have to pass both the written and practical exams.Both of these tests are important to assess the driver’s knowledge and skills regarding basic traffic rules and safety practices.


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Here's a free Driver's License exam reviewer from LTO. I'm sure you will have a 95% chance to pass the exam if you study this reviewer carefully. This is an English version of the written exam. ... Free LTO Driver's License Exam Reviewer.pdf. 4 pages. essay.docx Eastern Visayas State University - Tacloban City Main Campus



REVIEWER FOR DRIVER’S LICENSE (NON-PROFESSIONAL) 1. Traffic jam can be prevented if you: Answer: Keep opposing lanes open. 2. When making a right turn you should: Answer: Stay on the outermost lane of the road then signal your intention to turn right at least 30 meters before you intend to make your turn. 3. When you intend to turn right or left.


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