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LSNJLAW - The Foreclosure Process

Sample forms for responding to a Summary Judgment Motion are available on the New Jersey Judiciary’s website. (b) Discovery. Discovery is another activity that takes place before the trial. Discovery is the process by which the parties (plaintiff and defendant) use several types of tools to ask for facts, documents, and other information before the trial takes place.


Sample and Form Legal Letters | US Legal Forms

Sample form letters and more are available at U.S. Legal Forms, the original and premiere legal forms site on the Internet.


Kavadas v. Martinez - David Perry Davis

Kavadas v.Martinez challenges the automatic suspension of driver's licenses for nonpayment of child support without a reasonably recent hearing to determine if a default was willful. It does not challenge the ability of a court to suspend a license where there has been a recent showing that it would have a legitimate, coercive effect.The suit also seeks to have counsel appointed as the New ...


6.2 Discovery | Federal Practice Manual for Legal Aid ...

Updated 2013 by Gregory Bass, 2015 by Jeffrey S. Gutman. Discovery is the process of uncovering relevant facts through identifying witnesses, documents, and other items that can lead to establishing those facts as admissible evidence.


Civil Procedure Rule 26: General provisions ... - Mass.Gov

Reporter's notes (2017) The 2017 amendment to Rule 26(b)(5)(A) changed the procedure involving assertions of a claim of privilege or protection of trial preparation materials in connection with discovery requests.It deleted the language that a privilege log must contain specified information--author, recipient, date and type of document, etc.--where a party responding to discovery claimed ...


eJury.com :: The Online Trial Experience

eJury is much like a traditional mock jury or focus group except that the jurors (or eJurors) participate via the Internet. The convenience of online participation allows for a larger panel on each case, giving the attorney the type of feedback normally associated with large focus group research, but without the traditionally high cost.


Corruption in Government Exposed - The U.S.A ...

Last update: Dec 22, 2018 thomascaggiano.com A published exposure of government corruption of the United States' ESTABLISHMENT Federal, States of New Jersey and Nevada and 3rd and 9th U.S. District Courts. To get immediate access to over 12,000 urls simply follow the following steps 1-2-3 as you will get U.S. District Court filings, court videos, Certified Affidavits, and urls to numerous ...


The Style Manual used by the New York State Law Reporting ...

I must start by thanking the Law Reporting Bureau of the State of New York for inviting me to write the Foreword for the 2012 Style Manual. I am so pleased to recognize our outstanding State Reporter, Bill Hooks, who succeeded to the position in June 2009.


Answers to Review Questions - Brands Delmar

3.47. New Jersey rejected broad-based licensing in 1999 because paralegals are already subject to oversight by their attorney supervisors. There was no need, therefore, for a court-directed licensing system. 3.48. To be called a paralegal or legal assistant in California, you must: work under the supervision of an attorney,


Class action - Wikipedia

A class action, class suit, or representative action is a type of lawsuit where one of the parties is a group of people who are represented collectively by a member of that group. The class action originated in the United States and is still predominantly a U.S. phenomenon, but Canada, as well as several European countries with civil law have made changes in recent years to allow consumer ...